All new cars to be fitted with compulsory speed limiters by 2022
Key MEP’s have successfully lobbied the European transport council, to approve a law that forces car manufacturers, to incorporate Speed limiters and data loggers into all new cars made from 2022.


Existing technology

The technology for this already exists and will use GPS data and traffic sign recognition cameras.

These are already part of the driver

However, until now, they haven’t been used to physically match a vehicles speed to the limit of the road on which it’s travelling


How will it work

When the system detects the car is travelling in a speed restricted area

As with cruise control systems, it will be possible to override it by flooring the accelerator pedal.

If the driver continues to drive above the speed limit for several seconds, the system should sound a warning for a few seconds and display a visual warning until the vehicle is operating at or below the speed limit again.’


Data Capture

As well as the speed limiters black box data loggers will work with current assist systems such as lane-keep assist and automatic emergency braking.

We suspect that these data loggers will be downloadable by the police in the event of an accident to help with a conviction.


Insurance benefit.

The ETSC says the limiters will reduce collisions by 30 per cent and save 25,000lives within 15 years of being introduced.

So one other benefit to these systems should see insurance costs tumble.

Many insurance companies already give a special rate for having a black box data recorder, and dashcam fitted, to monitor your driving.

But we won’t hold our a breath.


Government Control

Initially, these systems will be controlled by the driver.

However, the intention is clear; this is the start of the government’s plan to take direct control over how we drive, especially on the Motorway.


Britain already seems to be ahead of Europe with the smart motorway network spreading across the country.

Whether we will adopt the European Union’s policy as we leave the union, we’ll have to see.

However, we can see a time when only cars fitted with that technology fitted, will be allowed to drive on European motorways.

Here’s the full report from the vote


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