Audi RS6 2013-2018 Trade Buyers Guide

This is a Guide for Audi Rs6 Buyers and Sellers.

If you’re looking to buy an RS6 Audi then we can help guide your choice.

If you’re looking to sell an Rs6 our guide will help you set your price.

We wrote this guide using our experience as one of the Uk’s biggest buyers of RS Audi’s, to help you choose a car that has the best potential for future resale.

In that way you’ll be buying a car, that over time, depreciates the least, giving you the most enjoyment for your money.

What’s this Guide About

Our goal is to empower you with insider knowledge and help you to choose an Audi RS6 with the options that will maximize its future resale.

It doesn’t mean you have to buy an RS6 that has every single available option on it, just the right ones to make it easier to sell in the future.

Listed below, roughly in order of importance, are the most desirable Audi Rs6 Options.

But first….

A Brief Overview.

If you’ve not come across this awesome RS6 Review we’d recommend watching Chris Harris here. In our opinion, he’s one of the few car journalists to really tell it how it is.


RS6 Standard Vrs Performance Versions

There are two versions of the RS6 Audi.

The standard version, launched in 2013, has 560 BHP.

The RS6 Performance version as introduced in 2016  has 605bhp.

The only visual difference between the two cars is that Performance models come with a specific design 21″ alloys wheel and a titanium styling pack.

But you can also choose any other standard styling pack you like and any of the other wheels.

You also get a standard sports exhaust, normally a £1000 option, bringing the real list price difference between the two versions down to £6000.

All the other options are available on either car.

So it’s still possible to buy a poorly specified performance edition, that won’t be worth as much as a good specified standard bhp car.


Where to Start.

A glance through the Audi Rs6 options and price list reveals that there are some great luxury features available that make owning and running a RS6 Audi more pleasurable.

Things like double glazing and soft close doors are a very nice feature to have and undoubtedly add to the overall ownership experience.

Unfortunately, things you can’t see or that add to a cars performance, don’t tend to add as much its resale value.

So what’s the first most important choice?  how about the colour?

Well although colour is important, it’s more a matter of personal taste, and so still not as important as the first choice on our list. …. the wheels.

Part 2 Which Rs6 Alloys Wheels—>

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