The Audi RS6 Alloy Wheel Options

Alloys make an Audi RS6, and  “what size wheels”? it’s the first question we get asked from all RS Audi dealers.

When it comes to wheels, the design is important but ultimately bigger is always better, but style matters too.

With the RS6 is a fairly simple choice as there are only two sizes, 20″ and 21″

The 20″ alloys only come in one design, a 5 Arm twin spoke design reminiscent of the previous model RS4 wheels and painted silver.


We pay the most for all Audi RS Models
20″ RS6 Alloys in Silver, These are best kept for winter wheels.


These are the standard fitment and they are best avoided at all costs. Only buy an RS6  on standard wheels if you can justify upgrading them to the 21″ versions later.

By upgrading we mean  21″ original fitment Audi wheels, not aftermarket designs or copies as both will render your car unsellable.


The best choice is
  1. The performance alloys.
  2. Black diamond cuts
  3. The gloss black painted 5 Arm wheels
  4. lastly the Titanium colour version of the same design. ( see all RS6 Audi Alloy Options Below)


The most economical way to achieve an upgrade is to keep the 20’s and fit winter tyres to them for use in the colder months or for trips to the Alps.

Winter tyres are compulsory across most of Europe’s colder regions (Germany for example) during winter months, and we’re sure you don’t want to fit snow chains to your black finish diamond cut alloys for a skiing trip.

So you’ll find a ready market for your winter wheels and tyres when you come to sell your car.


Here are The Available RS6 Wheel Designs

Below are the different variants of alloy wheel available.

The performance designs pictured below are fitted as standard to the bigger BHP cars and are probably the most sort after.

Not all Rs6 Performance owners chose that particular style.

Which is a pity as in our opinion, as other than a titanium styling pack, then these new design wheels are the only real visual difference over the standard car.



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Aftermarket Wheels.

As trade buyers, we will only buy cars on genuine Audi Wheels. Aftermarket wheels cause dealers liability problems.

If they sell a car on unknown brands of wheels or wheels that aren’t approved then they can be found liable in the event of a failure.

So it’s just simpler not buy cars that aren’t on manufacturer-approved alloys.

Ask yourself have those wheels from eBay been tested to 190mph, or from the heat of ceramic brakes?

Keep originals in any event so you can re-fit later on if need be.


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