Audi Sports Exhaust Systems

Noise adds drama to sports cars, and that for some is an important part of the ownership experience.

Therefore a Sports Exhaust is am an important RS6 option.

Audi’s own Sports exhaust works with the drive select and switches on when the dynamic mode is selected.

It’s not bad, you get a nice crackle on the overrun.

This one simple addition to your Audi can add just the right soundtrack to the V8, which muffled by the turbos, can be a little muted for some.

The good news is that aftermarket sports exhausts are also acceptable, as long as you choose a reputable brand. Our favorites are Milltek and Akrapovic

Some of these have been developed to work with the Audi ECU in the same way as Audi’s own exhaust works.


Akrapovic who specializes in titanium systems and makes exhausts for Audi’s LeMans GT3 race cars. So Audi Sport teamed up with them to make official Audi approved systems for various RS cars – the Audi RS6 is one of them.

See ones Audi Rs6 bloggers experience below and click here to follow him.


A Warning over Cheap RS6 Exhausts

Be wary of cheap aftermarket exhausts especially those that replace the standard catalytic converter.

Although these claim to increase the power and can make the car sound great, we’ve heard horror stories of cheap catalytic converters breaking up.

Best to stick to our recommended brands as they will look after you.


Main Dealer Resale Problems

Be aware that although most good specialist car dealers will welcome one of these systems, fitting a non approved aftermarket exhaust might stop you or us from selling your car to an Audi dealer.

So just keep the original in the back of the garage to be safe. buy all Audi RS6 with modified Exhausts
Standard within the dynamic pack and optional otherwise a sports exhaust adds a bit of drama. A good aftermarket option is OK but can narrow your market when you come to sell, So just keep the original safe. Shown with carbon as part of the dynamic plus pack.


RS6 Suspension Options


RS6 Air Suspension

RS6 Avants have an air suspension set up as standard. You can select Auto, Comfort or Dynamic options from the drive select menu.

That’s where confusion sometimes sets in when you’re searching for a car that has the dynamic suspension option.

In Audi terms, dynamic suspension and dynamic mode are two different things.

In our experience, about 50 percent of the owners don’t actually know what their car has fitted.



Dynamic Mode or  Dynamic Suspension?

Dynamic suspension is a RS Sport Suspension upgrade from air suspension.

It features diagonally linked DRC dampers with Steel Springs.

It replaces the standard air suspension but still has the same Auto, Comfort and Dynamic settings hence the confusion.

The car handles better at speed with this set up and as such can be had as a stand-alone option or as part of a dynamic package which also raises the top speed limit to 174 mph.

It adds to your car’s value by maybe £1000 or so.



A Word Of Warning.

You can’t fit a tow bar with a dynamic suspension set up, worth knowing if your thinking of fitting one so you can have a push bike rack (you didn’t think we were going to say tow a caravan did you?)



Dynamic Plus Pack

This adds 20″ ventilated and perforated ceramic brake discs.

Brake calipers come painted in high-gloss anthracite, ( you can’t have red ones) and the top speed limit is raised to just under 190 mph.

However, its an eye-watering £11500 option. It definitely adds value but nothing like its initial cost.

It does take away any question of whether or not your cars going to need new discs and brake pads.which can be expensive.

And although we’ve heard of  Carbon Ceramic Brake’s discs getting scored from trapped stones, on RS6’s we’ve personally never come across one.


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