Best Place To Sell My Car In Yorkshire

Londoners may like to say its grim up north when referring to any area north of the Watford gap, but this is far from the truth.

In an area commonly known as the golden triangle, there’s a thriving hubbub of Prestige car dealers.

So if you’re searching for a prestige car dealer in North Yorkshire to sell your car to, then you’re spoilt for choice.


map of North Yorkshire car dealers
Selling your car in North Yorkshire

On top of the usual main agents for Audi, BMW , Mercedes, Land Rover etc there’s over a dozen independent car dealers who deal in everything from the higher end Audi RS, BMW M Sport Models and Mercedes Benz AMG’s for example,all the way through to Supercars such as Aston Martins, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s etc.


Given this sort of local choice then selling your car to “We Buy Any Car” should be the last resort.

But how should you go about selling your car to a dealer?

Should you hit the road and go dealer to dealer and spend time negotiating with each in turn?

If you do have the time and energy to do that, how do you set your price? what should your approach be?

Setting Your Price

If you set your price too high, no one’s going to take you seriously and they’ll show you the door.

But how do you make sure you’re not asking too low a price?

A common approach we see is that people start off at around the figure they think their car will likely sell for on a forecourt.

They then lower that figure slightly from one dealer to the next until someone actually expresses an interest.

Another tactic is to ask the first dealer who expresses an interest to make you an offer, which you decline and then go dealer to dealer trying to improve upon it?

Not only is this tedious, but its time consuming and exhausting.

And importantly, it’s not the right way to go about it; you’re more likely to alienate the dealers with this approach.

Think about how you’d feel if this happened to you every day in your job? you may start to feel its a waste of your time to give a figure at all.

So don’t be surprised if these dealers pay you short shrift.

There must be a better way?

Selling Your Prestige Car Online

After reading this you’re now perhaps thinking “perhaps its easier to stick my reg number in We Buy Any Car’s website, after all”.

But let’s not be too hasty, they may come up with a value in 60 seconds, but we’re guessing you took longer than that to decide to buy your car it in the first place?

What’s perhaps needed is a company like “We Buy Any Car” but for owners of prestige cars?

Well, you’re in luck.

don’t be fooled by the flashy advertising campaigns

A Better Way

Remember why you bought this particular car? We’d guess it wasn’t just because it was the cheapest one for sale?

Perhaps it was the colour combination that took your eye or maybe the panoramic sunroof or a particular design of alloy wheels which set the car off, in just the right way?

We may be wrong but, they have yet to invent the computer that can tell you that the car you own is worth more than another similar car just because of the way it looks?

This is why we won’t value any car until you send us a photo.

And why we will never automate our website.

Its makes us a little slower than the competition.

But we feel selling a car like the one you own, deserves a little more effort than taking a straw poll of auction prices, and then quoting a figure just to get you through the door.

Afterall its normally the second biggest purchase you’ll have made, so why not give the decision to sell it the respect it deserves?


How Long To Sell My Car?

It normally takes us around a day to get you the right price, simply because that’s how long it takes to gather all the detailed information and present it to the best buyers.

Our negotiators have years of experience in the prestige car industry so they know how important it is to get the full details of your cars factory options, the particulars of its maintenance record and anything you may have added yourself like an alloy wheel upgrade or even an extended warranty.

These all add to the value the industry will place on your car.

Note “We Buy Any Car” doesn’t ask any of those questions before the computer spits out an estimated value.


Who’s Going To Buy My Car?

We know which dealers are likely to pay the most for your car, and that may not be one of the local prestige car dealers in Yorkshire.

Even though our car buying service has its base in Yorkshire we deal with hundreds of prestige dealers across the UK who retain us to source their cars, and so we may place your car with one of our dealer’s hundreds of miles away.


We deal with the best buyers no matter where they are located

That includes Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, or even, for the right car, the far east such ie Singapore.


Getting Paid.

Jasmine Slingsby director of webuysupercars promises a better way to sell your prestige car.

When you send us your car’s details, we offer you a guaranteed figure, which we’ll BUY your car for.

Not just an estimate of what we could pay.

More importantly, if you’ve answered our questions then we guarantee that’s the price we will pay when we come to collect it from you.

We deal with all the paperwork, your finance settlement and legal issues and make the payment by faster bank transfer from our UK Lloyds account, all before we expect you to hand our drivers the keys.

Now that’s got to be a better way to sell your car!

Read More about how we work and get a valuation for your car by clicking here 

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