Our buyers are out every day looking for all specification of BMW, Is Yours On Our Most Wanted List?

We love all BMW and if you have a high spec car we’d love to hear from you. We currently have buyers waiting.

  • 1M
  • M2
  • M3, More Paid for cars with Carbon Exterior packs in exclusive colors.
  • M4, we will pay more for cars with Carbon Exterior Packs.
  • M6
  • X5M must have a panoramic roof and a minimum 20″ alloys
  • X5, X6 50D, 40d, 30d, must have panoramic roofs and a minimum 20″ alloys.


Factory Options

add them here or email to [email protected] or whatsapp or text to 07867987887


Your details

  • Valuation
  • To Vehicle Description
  • Send Your Photos
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Enter Your Registration

Enter Personal/And Orginal numbers together

Current mileage

Alloy wheel size.

The right alloys can add thousands to your cars value please choose the size (printed on the tyres) from the list below.

Please detail any dealer fitted extras and accessories below.

Service History

You can multiple select photos.

Please select upto 4 Photos, front view, side, rear and interior.

Close ups of any cosmetic repairs required maximum 4 photos

Please describe any preparation required below (Alloy wheel damage, scrapes, paintwork chips, glass damage) please be honest so we can give an accurate value, we allow upto £150 for any small items of prep you may of missed)



Phone number



I consent to my vehicles details being sent to third partys to obtain the best valuation ( we never share your personal details nor add you to any mailing lists)


From the rest of the BMW model line up, we want anything that has M Sports badge and above, up to 5 years old and 60,000 miles.


Age and mileage criteria.

  • Up to 60,000 miles
  • Up to 5 years old



  • Were realists so just describe your car honestly, chips scraps, dents and glass chips can all be dealt with.

Service History

  • We need, dates and mileage of when it’s been done, we can often help with this if its held electronically. (good specialists history is acceptable)


Click Here for all our FAQ

What can WeBuySupercars offer?

  • Specialist buyers with 30 years experience, not a computer, will go through your cars feature and options and give a professional valuation.
  • Collection within 24 hours or values guaranteed for up to 60 days to fit in with you.
  • We pay you cleared funds by bank transfer and we will settle your finance in the same way.
  • We can deal with negative equity
  • Our dedicated administration department will deal with your private plates.
  • No charges ever, we don’t charge you a penny for our services.


We Won’t Let You Down

You deal with one person from the first contact through to collection so that there’s no possibility of confusion.

If you describe your car fairly we won’t look to renegotiate just for the hell of it, no one who works for us is identified to reduce the offer.

Because we can’t hope to compete with the huge company’s marketing budget we rely on getting about 70% of our cars from recommendations.


We Are Free

Of course, we make a profit but we get all our commission from the dealers who we have been supplying cars to for over 20 years.

These dealers are happy to pay us a fee to hand-pick a regular supply of cars which meet their standards and they trust us to present them ready for the forecourt.

We then deliver the cars to whichever site needs it. around the country from Cornwall to Scotland to the Channel Islands the Isle of man or even exported to Europe or to the Far East.

For any more questions click here for our full list of FAQ‘s or just email us here at [email protected]