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Our Northern office is based in Boroughbridge North Yorkshire Near Harrogate, and from here our online  car buying service covers all of the North all the way to the Orkney Isle.

If you like the idea of selling your car online but worry an automated valuation won’t give you a fair or accurate valuation, then this is the right site for you.


 With us you can sell your car online today, but get a personalised service that’s a real alternative to We Buy Any Car and other automated car valuation websites.


When you enter your registration on our site, professional buyers collect all your cars detailed information. because they know that some features and options can make your car worth significantly more in the marketplace.


So if your particular vehicle has some nice options, we’re confident we could pay you more than “We Buy Any Car” and other automated online car-buying sites.


And unlike some our online valuation won’t change when we come to buy your car.


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When we are buying your vehicle we make the following assumptions:

Your Vehicle Valuation.

Our car buyers are more than a computer, we offer a Nationwide door to door buying service, guaranteed to net you a better price for your vehicle. Remember, we don’t buy every car, but we do buy the best!


It has 4+ months MOT

Not a Grey Import

We will buy UK spec Imports but you need to tell us first.

Non Write-off

It is not an insurance write off

Non Commercial

It's never been used for private/commercial hire, tuition, low mileage chaufeur cars excepted


It's not had serious accident damage.


It has no serious mechanical issues

Keys & V5

It has two sets of keys and you have the V5

Service History

It has fully documented service history.