Can You Drive A Super Car In The Snow?

Would you drive your Lamborghini Performante in winter? well, this guy took it to a whole other level.

See what happened when he tried to snowboard behind his Huracan Performante

Most of us by the time of year have tucked your supercars up in its heated garage for the winter, fitted the car cover and put it on trickle charge until the clocks go forward again (or back which is it?).

But this guy here, nope, he ain’t going to waste his money on a Lamborghini Performante and then only use it in the summer.

So he’s fitted winter tyres a snowboard rack and hit the streets in a snowstorm, now you’ve got to applaud that.

Watch the full video to see how a 640 bhp Lamborghini handles the streets of New England in a blizzard, better than the Audi following you’ll see..

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