For Sale McLaren MSO-HS Coupe Number 19 of 25


For Sale McLaren MSO-HS Coupe Number 19 of 25 For Sale McLaren MSO-HS Coupe Number 19 of 25 For Sale McLaren MSO-HS Coupe Number 19 of 25 For Sale McLaren MSO-HS Coupe Number 19 of 25 For Sale McLaren MSO-HS Coupe Number 19 of 25 For Sale McLaren MSO-HS Coupe Number 19 of 25 For Sale McLaren MSO-HS Coupe Number 19 of 25
  • Year 2016
  • Make McLaren
  • Mileage 1380
  • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Exterior Color Race Green and Carbon Livery
  • Interior Color Full Alcantara
  •  Vehicle Overview
  •  General Information
  • 2016/66 Registered 
  • 1380 Miles.
  • 3.8 Turbo 
  • 678 Bhp
  • 1 Previous Keeper
  • Unique History


The McLaren MSO-HS Coupe is based upon the already track-focused 675LT, but it's much more special.

McLaren Special Operations commissioned only 25 of these coupes with even more power (688PS), aggressive aerodynamic body styling including a full carbon fibre roof scoop and an imposing active rear wing, as well as full carbon fibre body panels.

McLaren invited certain important customers to have a car designed to their specific requirements.

Therefore no two cars in the collection are alike, and this particular car we have here is arguably the standout build from all 25.

This car is number 19 of 25, but the only car produced in this unique Metallic Racing Green finish with Yellow painted accents and sections of exposed carbon fibre

At the MSO HS’s heart is the same 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 installed throughout the McLaren range, but in this configuration power and torque are increased through blueprinting, hand-polishing of the exhaust ports and a flow-optimised crossover muffler with titanium exhaust tips.

The specification is extensive and includes

Carbon Fibre Exterior Features

Carbon Fibre Mirror Casings

Carbon Fibre Wheel Arches

MSO Visual Carbon Fibre Doors

MSO Visual Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser

Carbon Fibre Front Splitter

MSO Visual Carbon Fibre Fuel Filler Cap

MSO Defined Carbon Windscreen Wiper Surround

MSO Carbon Fibre Wheel Centre Caps

MSO Defined Carbon Fibre Wheel Vents

Interior Features

MSO Defined Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel

MSO Defined Carbon Fibre Sill with 'MSO HS' logo

MSO Bespoke Key Design

MSO Green & Yellow Embroidered Headrest


McLaren Track Telemetry App & Cameras

Ultra - Lightweight 10-Spoke Wheels finish in Satin Black

Sports Exhaust

Stealth Badge Set


Full Alcantara Interior

Carbon Fibre Racing Seats

Carbon Fibre Interior Upgrade


Meridian Surround Sound System

Driver Convenience

Stealth Pack

Vehicle Lift

Soft Close Doors

Fire Extinguisher

Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

Parking Sensors (front & rear)  & Reversing Camera


Volumetric Alarm Upgrade & Vehicle Tracking System.

Full Body Paint Protection Film


Inside The 678 Horsepower McLaren MSO HS You're Not Supposed To Know About

McLaren is one of the most exclusive car companies in the world, building vehicles that are on the bleeding edge of technology. But only the truly extreme wonders get full commissions from McLaren Special Operations—McLaren’s own Skunkworks. This is the 678-horsepower MSO HS, and you’re not really supposed to know about it.

MSO is who you go to when you want a funky paint scheme or unusual stitching on your seats. That’s what you get if you’re willing to throw them a few thousand dollars here and there. But if you’re willing to go the distance—both imaginatively as well as financially—they can build you an entirely new car.

But it’s not actually based on the 675LT, our source said. It’s still part of McLaren’s Super Series—and this may end up being the most “super” of them all—but it’s more of a new design, similar to the 675LT itself.

The most obvious upgrade, from the outside at least, is that big wing over the back. The semi-fixed aerodynamics required an enormous amount of work from McLaren just to make sure everything worked properly together, and would have cost “millions and millions” if the HS production run was limited to one car, the source said. That’s why McLaren has built 25 of them, to spread the research and development costs around. That’s what’s reflected in early-build prototype spy shots, such as this one that was floating around a little while back:

Saying this has a 25-car production run is also a bit of a misnomer, however, our source said. Because it’s such a small run, each HS is significantly different, from specifications to interiors to even the wheels.

In essence, this is what happens when you throw nearly unlimited budgets at McLaren, and wait to see what they come up with.

Of course, all of this is begging an unanswered question. Why all the secrecy? Why not have a grand unveiling, send out a press release, professional photos, the whole traditional nine yards for such a crazy achievement?

Because apparently you can pay McLaren not to do that, too, according to our source. Some of the 25 customers requested anonymity, and wanted it all kept under wraps. So that’s what McLaren did.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t see one in the flesh eventually. Do you own a McLaren MSO HS, or just have ready access to one? Email us. We’ll keep your information confidential.

That’s what this is. It’s even faster than the ludicrous McLaren 675LT, and it’s called the McLaren MSO HS.


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