We are often asked by people wanting to sell their Audi, ‘where is the best place to advertise it privately or should I sell it to a dealer?’

We always would say it depends on the age and model of your car.

If you have an older Audi, let’s say under £10,000 you may still be able to sell your Audi on the Autotrader successfully.

Performance Models Of Audi tend to sell best on Piston Heads.

We can provide a no-obligation online valuation to sell your Audi to the trade, and we aim to improve on automated sites prices by getting you a professional car valuation.

In that way, you can then decide if advertising and selling your Audi privately will be worth your time and money.

Bear in mind there’s plenty of pitfalls to selling a high-value car privately.

These range from the security risk of advertising your worth to complete stranger and then inviting them into your home.

To problems with the transaction itself, i.e getting your finance paid off securely and making sure you’ve completed a legal sale.



The biggest car buying sites like ‘we buy any car’ can provide a fast valuation of your car in just three easy steps, but their online valuation of your Audi won’t take into account all your cars features and options.

Our professional buyers will go through each of your Audi’s options and welcome the challenge of seeing how much more we can beat we buy any car valuation by.

Our aim is to give you the best and fairest valuation possible especially if you have a high spec S or RS Model of Audi as these are often overlooked by webuyanycars computer offer.

Other Alternatives To Webuyanycar.

There are now lots of alternative to webuyanycar.  most of them such as ‘best car buyer‘, or wewantanycar.com still use a computer calculated value though.

Another option ‘Motorway’  work a bit like ‘compare the market’

But none of them specialises in buying prestige cars, such as your Audi and none of them will give you any real sort of customer service.

Get our Valuation below and let us know how it compares to the other car-buying sites we’ve mentioned.


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