Chinese electric car to be made in the USA

The Qiantu K50, is a Chinese electric coupe, it was revealed as concept back in 2015,at the Shanghai motor show, as a Chinese deigned all electric supercar. Now the production versions is set to be built in the USA. Proof that the Chinese are taking Trumps import tariffs seriously.

CH-Auto and  Mullen Technologies, a southern California-based electric car distributor and manufacturer, have been chosen to build the Qiantu K50 from 2020 local labour and a mix of US manufactured and imported components.

The Qiantu K50 has an all-electric drivetrain boasting 300kW of power, and features carbon-fibre body panels and an aluminium frame.

Production dated have yet to be announced, but they’ll start taking deposits in early 2019.

Mullen have promised that the Qiantu K50 will have an “unexpectedly affordable cost”.

It’s understood the Qiantu K50 will be sold directly to consumers via the same sort of process Tesla are using, having demonstration centres and ordering online.

If production schedule’s run to plan this could be one of the first Chinese-backed electric cars to be successfully produced in the US.

Hopefully they have learned from the mistakes that put  Faraday Future out of the picture, the prototype was claiming 125 of Range and 5 second 0-62 times. If that still stands we can’t see how that’s going to cut it against up coming offerings from Porsche and Audi or even existing cars from Tesla.


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