A Couple has fallen foul of an ebay scam and robbed of £9000

A couple claims to be among a number of victims falling foul of a number of recent ebay car sales scam.

Jamie Hallam, 48, and his fiancee Georgina said they drove from their home in Norwich to Manchester with the cash after successfully bidding for the white Mercedes GLA on the auction website.

When the arrived masked robbers took of £9,000 in cash off them at gunpoint.

They said when they arrived at the address given on the car’s registration documentation, they received a call from the ‘seller’ asking if they had arrived.

After confirming their whereabouts, a van screeched to a halt blocking their escape and two armed balaclava-clad raiders jumped out and threatened Jamie with the gun.

As driving instructor Jamie bravely wrestled with one of the suspects, the other pointed a gun at his terrified girlfriend who had the cash with her as she sat in their locked car.

Jamie then had the gun pointed at his head and thugs began to beat him and kick him in the ground until his girlfriend opened the car door.

Terrified Georgina then had the gun pointed at her head until the cash was handed over.

Jamie was left with a fractured eye socket and a broken cheekbone

Jamie suffered a broken cheekbone, fractured nose and eye socket in the attack


and fractured nose and faces the prospect he may need surgery.

The couple had checked the details of the sellers out as much as they could before they set off for Manchester.

Jamie posted a picture showing his injuries on Facebook as a warning to others to be careful when buying online.

Greater Manchester Police have linked the robbery at 5.40pm on January 17 in Longsight, Manchester to nine others across the city and Oldham.

Another six cases are also being looked at by the force.

Jamie said: “It’s the most traumatic experience of our lives.

“We keep talking about it over and over.

“We have bought a car on eBay before and I did numerous checks which all seemed to come back as legitimate.

“I just didn’t imagine anything like this would happen.