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Below we explain why we are the best car buying site by answering all your frequently asked questions.

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We’re happy to buy cars with cosmetic, or even mechanical, problems – but it’s vital that they’re aware of them before they make an offer.

When you send us your cars details please disclose all known issues and provide photos of any relevant damage such as scratches and dents.

That way we will know what we dealing with, its often cheaper for our dealers to get bodywork and alloys done themselves and this, of course, saves you time and money.

Describing your car fairly and will ensure that the offer you’re given is honored when we come to inspect and collect the car.

Our buyers will deal with the finance company directly to clear the loan and pay you the remaining balance.

If the amount owed is more than the current value of your car then we will clear your finance in full and you will need to pay the difference to us.

We offer a National Service from our a base’s in London and In North Yorkshire, but in either your case car will always be collected in person from either your home or office.


Webuysupercars don’t charge any fees for sellers: unlike our competitors, we don’t charge for valuation or any other part of the sales process.

We try and make fair offers to buy all cars even those that don’t match our “most wanted” status.

But if your car is missing a crucial option that makes it undesirable, and everyone telling you the same thing, then it’s really up to you to be realistic about your expectations on price.

Of course we always think we manage to get our customers a very fair price but of course, you’re more than welcome to check us against the competition.

Why not try them first? and let us know what they say? We promise if by chance their algorithm throws out a bid we actually think is higher than we could achieve we will encourage you to take it.

This occasionally happens on very poorly specified cars where their averaging of values play in your favor.  Try WebuyAnyCar and tell us their value.


We are the only people that will contact you, and only about your car. Your data is always safe with us, we will never sell your information or share it with anyone else nor will we add you to any mailing list without asking you.

We collect the full specification and options fitted to your car before we offer the car to all our registered dealers at once making sure that every aspect of your cars individual specification is taken into account.

In this way, our service works a bit like a price comparison site. You wouldn’t get a car insurance quote one at a time would you, so why only offer your car to one buyer at a time?

We deal with all the UK’s best retail dealers and in that way, we can be sure that we’ve achieved the very best price for your car.

We can get you an offer on a car of any age and mileage, but unless its a classic our buyers are paying the most money for good specified cars up to 10 years 60,000 miles.

If your cars just been serviced with a clean bill of health or have an extended dealer warranty then please tell us as we will always pay more for those cars.

You are under no obligation to accept an offer, although once you have accepted our purchase agreement and we’ve paid you a deposit then we think its only fair that you honor the transaction.

The buyer whose offer you accept will arrange to pay you a £250 holding deposit, they’ll send you a purchase agreement and arrange a mutually convenient time to come and collect the vehicle from your home or place of work, you will deal with the same person from start to finish.
They will transfer you the full balance on the day of collection, clear any HP directly with the finance company and deal with paperwork, road fund refunds or any private plate retention’s or transfers.

Of course, we make a profit but we get all our commission from the dealers who we have been supplying cars to for over 20 years.

These dealers are happy to pay us a fee to hand-pick a regular supply of cars which meet their standards and they trust us to present them ready for the forecourt.

We then deliver the cars to whichever site needs it around the country from Cornwall to Scotland to the Channel Islands the Isle of man or even exported to Europe or to the Far East.


We could but for the type of car you own it’s not possible to work from published trade values or average auction prices as some of the other buying sites do as doing so wouldn’t allow for the important optional extras your car may have which could add thousands to the value.