Guide To Selling Your Cars During The Corona Virus Pandemic Your Questions Answered.
  • Can I Sell My Car To A Dealer During Lockdown?

  • Are car dealers open?

  • What’s my car worth?

  • How to sell my car and conform to Coronavirus rules?

  • What if I owe more that my cars worth?

Answers to these questions and more below.

Understandably if you want to sell your car at this time, you’re going to worried about how best to go about it.

We can help guide you, make sure that you’re not putting yourself at risk of either breaking the lockdown rules or putting yourself at risk of fraud or vehicle theft.

We’ll make sure you’re getting a fair price for your car and help you understand what’s happening in the used car market that might be affecting the value of your car.

Will I Get A Fair Price For My Car While Dealers Are Closed?

At the time of writing, (12 May 2020) dealers are just starting to get back into their business and setting up for new working practices for when the showrooms open which we believe is likely to be the end of June/July 2020.

Some of these dealers have sold a lot of cars online during the lockdown, and therefore there is a high demand for good cars, which they haven’t been able to replace over the last couple of months.


What Can I Do To Help Sell My Car?

There’s a couple of ways for you to help us help you get the right price for your car.

  1. Collect all your service history together, service book and the last service invoice with proofs of any work you’ve had done, such as recent service health checks, new tyres, brake etc. and send us photographs of all the paperwork.

  1. Clean it and photograph it.


And that’s it! You can leave the rest to us.

We will check the full specification with you to make sure nothing is missed, and we will work hard to get you right price.

Does that sound easier than advertising it on the Autotrader?

Why we need photos?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

When we talk to group buyers and sales managers in the showrooms, the one thing they ask us for above all else is for a few clear photographs of your car.

The reason they like to see photographs, is so that they can see which design of alloy wheels, the exact colour combination, and options that may not show up on the specification checks that carry out.

Examples of which would be a carbon body kit on a BMW M car or Side Steps on a Range Rover.

These features always add value to your car, so we need to allow for them.

In short, dealers want to buy cars they think their customers will like too, and your photos help them to make that decision.


How We Value Your Car?

The way we value your car isn’t simple.

Your car’s value is determined by a great many factors:

Understanding how these factors work together is the key behind how our valuations outperform the automated car-buying sites such as We Buy Any Car.

These valuation factors include but aren’t limited to.
  • Desirability. 

 Is there an underlying demand for your type of vehicle?

  • Specification.

 Has your car got the right size and style of wheel and other features that dealers attribute extra value to? Even some colours are worth more.

  • Maintenance. 

Have you recently fitted new tyres,brakes or extended the warranty? has it been recently serviced? If so, the dealers can estimate a lower preparation cost and pay more for your car.

  • Market Conditions

Are the manufactures currently offering subsidised finance deals or discounts on this type of car new? The manufactures desire to push new vehicles onto the market has become the number one cause of depreciation on otherwise sought after cars. So it’s important to know what’s happening within the franchise dealers.


How are we different to We Buy Any Car?

We don’t use published trade guides to automate our site as this only gives an averaged price in the market place for an average car.

Instead, we pick up the phone and speak to dozens of group buyers, franchise managers and independent dealers every day, so that we can keep abreast of the vital information we use to gauge your cars value in the market place.

Our valuations are therefore bespoke for your particular car, generated by our staff working with several groups of dealers behind the scenes in order to get you the best price and stay competitive.

In short, our way is better, even if it takes a little longer to get there.


Logistics And Payment.

  • Our Inspection and collection of your vehicle will take place at your home or work location, outside in your driveway or car park.
  • We will at all times conform to social distancing.
  • Our payments are all made via our Lloyds Corporate Account in the form of a cleared faster payment.
  • You will have your money and your finance will be paid off before you hand over keys to our collection team.
  • Negative equity can be dealt with just message us to discuss your options.


We don’t have any, that’s simple, isn’t it.

Small Print.

We will pay what we quote online as long as your car matches your description and you answer our questions accurately, and our inspection team find no evidence of bodywork repair or maintenance issues.

How Long Is My Valuation Valid For?

Our values are valid for 72 hours, and we must be able to collect your car within seven days from the date of our offer.

After 72 hours you’ll need to get a new quote from us.

The chances will be that it hasn’t changed but things happen fast in the car market, just like the stock market, so we need to cover ourselves in case something has happened unexpectedly within the Market place.

See all our FAQ here.   or email or drop us a WhatsApp on 07867987887 and ask whatever you like, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

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No Obligation Personalized Quote Online. The maximum age of 2013, maximum mileage 60,000 miles. Classics have no limit.

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