A Better Way To Sell Your Lamborghini

30 years experience in the specialist car market gives us the edge

MAX 60,000

Why sell your Lamborghini through a broker.


Retailer Relationships

20 years in the luxury car market has given us unrivalled relationships with the country’s best retailers of Supercars.
This enables us to match the best dealer to your car, no matter where they are located across the entire United Kingdom.

Hassle Free

Hassle Free

Let us deal with the headache of negotiating with the dealers.
We talk to dealership buyers every day, so we understand how they think and can navigate around the typical tricks dealers employ to drive down your price.


No Fee’s To Pay.

Of course, we make a profit, but our door to door service saves dealers time, resources and auction fees, so they are happy to cover our costs.

Single Point Of Contact

Single Point Of Contact

Unlike some brokers, we have the funds to make all the payments, clear your finance and arrange collection.
So there’s no third party’s to deal with which make’s for a smooth and stress free sale.

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A better way to sell a Lamborghini

Selling any car to a dealer can be hard work; we should know that’s all we have been doing for over 20 years.

If it’s a supercar, it’s doubly hard work; they’ll be questions that need answering about its maintenance and condition, photos will be needed, and sometimes paperwork required.

We’re sure you’ve better things to do with your time than spending hours on the phone trying to get hold of the one person within a dealership who makes the buying decisions? 

Often buyers will make a decision on the value of your car based on nothing more than past experience.

If the dealer you approach had a bad experience with a similar spec car to yours, they are not likely to rush out and repeat that by buying yours, are they?

So it can be exhausting and frustrating to repeatedly answer the same questions and hear different takes on just why your car is not worth what you want.

Remember, you’re also negotiating with very people whose very job is to get you down on your price.

You’ll perhaps also have an emotional attachment to your Lamborghini, which will make it hard to hear negative things said about it, and you’re then likely to have a knee jerk reaction to some of the buyers.

We’ve all said things like “id rather keep it” or “there’s no way I am taking that”, or we might have told a bit of an untruth about a better offer we have had in response to a disappointing figure.

You know how hard it is to go back to those people once we have reacted in that way, even if subsequently we realize they made the best offer.

Even if you are an excellent negotiator in your own business area, it’s not always easy to negotiate the price of something that’s not your area of expertise. Pl

For example, we wouldn’t dream of pretending to know how to deal with suppliers or buyers in your business, and I am sure you wouldn’t expect us to either.

We have over 20 years of experience negotiating with franchise group buyers, sales managers, and owners of independent businesses and know the best way to extract the very best price from them for your Lamborghini without burning our bridges; trust us, it’s harder than you’d think.

We know you’ll expect a fair price based on your Lamborghinis specification, condition and maintenance records, and we will work hard to achieve that for you with honesty and transparency.

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