New Model Audi RS6 Gets Massive Power Hike Courtesy Of Porsche

We’re big fans of the last generation (2013-2018 C7) Audi RS6 here at Webuysupercars. It’s has proved to be the go-to performance car for most people, who want a do it all sports car.

With its huge power, Quattro 4wheel drive system and capable suspension setup, its proved to be the most capable all season daily transport for the family and credible weekend sports car you can buy.

Its already attained a loyal fan base who will demand that the next car builds and improves upon the outgoing model.

They are going to want more power, an aggressive stance and an improved options list, therefore it’s going to be a tough act to follow for Audi.

These spy shots taken at the Nürburgring seem to indicate that Audi might be trying a to make the new model stand out even further than it currently does from the regular A6 lineup.

Borrowing a trick first used by BMW who use the M4 Coupe’s nose on its M3 brother,  they appear to have mated it with the nose from the sleeker RS7 Coupe.

In these spy photos, you’ll notice that bumper cleanly blends into the front wings and bonnet as it does in its more rakish cousin.

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The rear arches are again wider than the standard cars and might see bigger wheels available maybe up to 22″ inch, although wed be happy with the current 21’s.


This is expected to be raised in the standard car to about the same as Audi currently offer it its performance variant of around 605 bhp.

But the new car built on Porsche shared MLB platform, is expected to weigh 80 KG-less, or about one averagely built human (12.6 stone if you’re wondering)

The  Performance version which is likely to come along shortly after, but might be available from launch, is expected to have a rumoured 700bhp electric boosted powerplant developed alongside Porsche with which it’s now sharing hybrid technology.

This will no doubt will give acceleration beyond its relative power hike with the electric motor being responsible for launching the car from the line, thus giving it not only seamless acceleration but saving the gearbox and transmission from the trauma.

This should give the new RS6 Avant a distinct edge against rivals like the Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate and upcoming M5 Touring


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