Police Crack Down of Modified Cars Results in Seizure

In a recent Facebook post by South Yorkshire Police (SYP) they revealed that after receiving reports of a loud Fiesta creating an annoyance, they had pulled the driver and called his insurance company to check if he’d declared his straight through exhaust system.

He hadn’t.

This resulted in the police seizing his vehicle as now being uninsured.

Presumably the driver is now to be charged with having no insurance and this might actually make it impossible to obtain it in the future.

What counts as mods?

Modified vehicle: a definition

A modified vehicle is one that includes anything that has been altered from factory standard, or since it has left the factory. This can range from the small to the large, from a new engine to a small bumper sticker.

Even adding stripes, stickers can invalidate your insurance according to Adrian Flux, a long established performance car insurer.

So if you’re having your car wrapped or you having some stickers applied for an event then it’s best to check in with your insurance company first.

For a full guide to what you need to declare read here

If you’re thinking of selling your car, then unlike your main agent, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re happy to accept certain modified cars on a case by case basis.

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5 Replies to “Police Crack Down of Modified Cars Results in Seizure”

  1. Richard

    Now that is interesting
    I know non standard Tyres, Exhausts etc
    But For Police to seize car and Arrest for no Insurance

  2. webuysupercars (Post author)

    what they do is seize, arrest and then if you can’t pay the fine and arrange insurance they crush it

  3. Anonymous

    How pathetic, to be done over a sticker is beyond ridiculous, fair enough on exhausts, body kits etc, but stickers? Pfft get a grip.

  4. webuysupercars (Post author)

    We wrote this for that exact reason. What happened to the police educating you rather than trying to entrap you? Please share the post to others

  5. Lil peepee

    I ride a gixxer catch me

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