Are you selling a 911?

We love 911’s so so we will collect from anywhere in the UK including the Channel Islands.


Which 911 will we pay the most for?

  • We buy all models of 911 from 2010 to new up to 50,000
  • GT2, GT3 GT3 GT3RS Porsche R
  • Carrera 2, 4, 4S GTS, Turbo, Turbo S
  • 997/991 certain nice examples of 996 may be a good turbo.
  • Classics



We’re realists so just describe your car honestly, chips scraps, dents, and glass chips can all be dealt with.


Engine Problems.

We all know about the piston wear issues on some older 911’s hence we prefer Gen II and newer.

We will buy particularly nice examples of older cars but may insist on an engine report from Porsche prior to transferring funds.


Service History

We need, dates and mileage of your services, we can often help with this if it’s held electronically. (good specialist history is acceptable)


What can WeBuySupercars offer?

  • A bespoke Valuation for YOUR car, not an averaged computer bid.
  • One on one attention from a professional buyer with over 3o years of experience.
  • Payment and collection from your home or work within 24 hours or up to 30 days from out valuation to suit your situation.
  • Cleared funds by bank transfer and finance the same day.
  • No Charges
  • We can deal with negative equity.
  • Our dedicated administration department will deal with your private plates.


We Won’t Let You Down

You deal with one person from the first contact through to collection so that there’s no possibility of confusion.

If you describe your car fairly we won’t look to renegotiate just for the hell of it, no one who works for us is identified to reduce the offer.


How Are We Are Free?

Of course, we make a profit but we get all our commission from the dealers who we have been supplying cars to for over 20 years.

These dealers are happy to pay us a fee to hand-pick a regular supply of cars which meet their standards and they trust us to present them ready for the forecourt.

We then deliver the cars to whichever site needs it around the country from Cornwall to Scotland to the Channel Islands the Isle of man or even exported to Europe or to the Far East.

For any more questions click here for our full list of FAQ’s or just email us here at

No Obligation Personalized Quote Online. The maximum age of 2013, maximum mileage 60,000 miles. Classics have no limit.