Porsche Taycan, Your Questions Answered, Pricing, Ordering, Delivery Times.

The upcoming Porsche Taycan is the most eagerly awaited new car this year.

It needs to get this right, and Porsche are investing more than £6 billion over the next 3 years in wide scale electric propulsion. With every one of its cars destined to have some sort of electrification.


For Porsche the future is electric. The company wants to shift to electromobility before all other German auto manufacturers. By 2025 the aim is for every second Porsche sold to have an electric drive unit. Porsche will release its first electric model, the Taycan sports car, in 2019. Current estimates project roughly twenty thousand units a year. That would be equivalent to roughly two-thirds of the current sales figures for the 911.

Johannes Winterhagen ( Porsche)


Porsche Heritage

Porsche have a long, rich history for making sports cars and they are promising that the Taycan’s will have that DNA in its soul.

So rather than just being astonishing fast like a Tesla Model S , Porsche’s electric cars will have to be fast everywhere.

Elon Musk  paved the way by proving that electric cars can not only be a viable alternative, but could outperform petrol and diesel cars too.

Porsche have taken on the job of proving, that their car will reward the driver, just like any other Porsche.

That means it needs to excite,  not just be fast in a straight line, but down a twisting road and possibly even dare we say it, on a track.

Now we know no ones buying a Taycan to take it on a track, but then Tesla never set out to make an electric drag car, Elon set out to prove a point.

And this is exactly Porsche intent here.



Who are the target customers for the new Taycan.

Obviously Tesla’s customers for a start. Porsche has not only pitched it price wise directly at the Tesla Model S, but have been seen testing its prototypes alongside it.

Porsche are also hoping its current customers see it as a viable alternative to the Panamera, especially as they no longer offer the previously popular diesel engine in it.


How Many Orders Do Porsche Have For The Taycan?

Porsche say they have taken 10,000 deposits, which says more about Elon Musk’s Tesla than it does Porsche.

Porsche has yet to prove it can make a good fully electric car, but the thinking here is that if Tesla can, then Porsche are bound to be better.

So Elons softened up the customers for all other manufactures, which he claims, was always his intent.


  • You can currently order a Taycan with a £5000 refundable deposit.
  • Is refundable up until the point that you can configure your car, after which you’ll be fully committed.
  • Price from £70k, we’d guess much more with options.
  • Deposit Required £5000
  • Delivery Time 2020 TBC
  • Range 300 miles
  • Charging 15 minutes to add 250 miles on the rapid charging points.


Your Questions and Answers for the porsche taycan.

Here are the most common questions we’re being asked about the new Porsche Taycan.

If you have any questions you can’t find the answers too, add them in the comments and we will reply and update the post as new information becomes available.


How many Charging Points are Porsche Installing?

Porsche are pushing ahead as fast as possible with a huge investment in charging points.

But it’s the fuel companies and supermarkets that are stepping upto the mark.

Shell have announced  that it’s already got plans to install 80 high capacity charging stations and Tesco are installing 2400 across its Supermarket chain.

There’s currently, 13000 or so standard charging stations across the UK , which is a five fold increase over the last 5 years.

Bearing in mind that so far there’s only a handful of practical EV’s on the market, thats quite remarkable.

How will you pay to charge the Taycan.

This from Porsche.

Someone who wants to drive from Munich to Hamburg in an electric vehicle today needs multiple cards with which they have to authenticate themselves at the charging stations. Porsche eliminates this authentication rigmarole for customers by establishing contracts with all of the charging station operators, so the customer only needs one charging card that is accepted everywhere. And they can also count on a guaranteed electricity price that applies throughout the entire country. Customers of the Porsche charging service ultimately receive just one transparent bill from Porsche.”

Mission E, 2018, Porsche AG
How long to Charge the Taycan at home?

No details released yet Porsche are said to be working on different options.

We’d expect circa 10 hours on a standard socket . Porsche are looking an various options including a iphone style charging mat that you’ll park your car over.

We’ll update this one as more information becomes available.


How longs the battery warranty on the porsche taycan.

We don’t have the answer to this one yet, but Tesla’s battery warranty is 8 years at a retained capacity of 70%.

We assume Porsche will want to give their customers piece of mind by at least matching that promise.


How’s the heat and cold effect range.

The optimal operating temperature for a lithium-ion battery is between 20-40*c.

Porsche have tested the car in all extreme of environments and to make sure it can cope it will be capable of heating and cooling its own battery pack.

But we have to assume variations of temperature will naturally reduce range.

In the same way having the aircon on full blast effects your fuel economy now.

Mission E, 2018, Porsche AG


Will different models of the Taycan be available.

We expect them to align with the Tesla Model S but using Porsche familiar naming i.e Taycan, Taycan S, Taycan GTS, maybe.


Is it just an electric Panamera

No it’s a completely different car, it shares some componentry but nothing else.


How many seats will the Porsche Taycan have?

4 initially but other variants after launch may offer SUV 7 seaters

Can it use any charging point?

EV are designed to be charged  anywhere you can plug them in, there’s a standard socket type available at all charging stations.


Can the Taycan use a Tesla charging point

Not as yet, but only because no other vehicle manufacturer agreed to sign up to Tesla’s Supercharger network when the company initially offered.

So this may change


Is the taycan 4 wheel drive

The first models out will be 4 wheel drive we expect them to offer the lower range 2 wheel drive versions soon after.

Will the taycan have a self drive mode

Taycan will have come with some level of self drive ability, were thinking adaptive cruise and lane keeping abilities ,but full autonomy isn’t a priority for Porsche just yet.


Does the Taycan have a gearbox

Unlike all current full EV’s it has a gearbox with two gears .The second gear kicks in for high speed cruising and helps improve range at speed.

Elon Musk has said that his electric supercar will have a similar set up.


Will Porsche make an electric 911?

It’s looking like all cars will be electric by the time we get to 2030-2040 but the 911 will be the last Porsche model to lose its fossil fuel power plant.

They might shock us by making a hydrogen fuel cell powered version by then, who knows.



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