Your Questions Answered



Hi, thanks for sending us your vehicle details.

Before we get a value for your car one of the members of the team will ensure we have the correct information for your vehicle before we market it to the thousands of car dealers on our website.

We work a little differently from big corporate car buying companies because we work with live dealer stock demand from around the country.

It takes us, on average, 24 hours to get you what we hope is a competitive offer.

So that we can guarantee that you get the price quoted, we will be making all the payments and collecting your vehicle ourselves.

So there are no third parties to deal with.

However, it does mean that we can only guarantee the offer if you accept it within 24 hours of receiving it.

We will then need to collect your car within seven days.

There is no fee; our dealers are happy to pay us to inspect your vehicle and deliver it to their showroom, and that’s how we make our money.

We work hard to get you a figure that makes you happy.

Assuming that’s all OK, we will start to market your car immediately if you’ve provided all the details we ask for on our form.

So please let us know if your vehicle is no longer available.

The We Buy Supercars Enquiry Team, Phil, Will, Jasmine &  Alex

What happens once you’ve agreed to the price?

We send you a purchase agreement which will show the price agreed, any money owed to your finance company and the description of your car.

How Do I Get Paid?

Our driver will call as soon as he is with the car; we transfer funds electronically to both you and the finance company; only once you have the funds do we expect you to hand over the keys and documentation.

What paperwork do I need to provide?

We ask that you send us a copy of the current V5 registration document along with an official finance company settlement letter; we will also ask for proof of service’s carried out.

What if I have a private plate?

As soon as you agree to sell the car we ask you to remove your private plate online, we can do this for you if you like. If the vehicles to be collected before the new V5 comes back from the DVLA will still collect your car and normally hold £250 of the final balance until it’s in our possession. It usually only takes 3 days.

When will my car be collected?

we always collect asap but usually within 36 hours of you agreeing to sell. This can be flexible if you still need the use of the car and on a case by case basis, we may be able to hold of collection.

What will you be looking for when you collect? What will make you lower the price?

We will already have asked all the questions we need by the time we are collecting, so please look at your own car carefully and describe it fairly. Most of the time, we have to reduce the price down to bald tyres or scratches that won’t polish out. The rule of thumb with tyres is that they need to be 4mm of tread and worn evenly. Starches’. If you think it will polish out, then honestly, it’s best to polish it out. If you can catch your fingernail in the starch, then it usually requires painting.

What do you knock off the price for bald tyres?

we use black circles to price the cheapest major brand tyre’s appropriate for the car. That will mean on performance cars the manufactures recommended rated tyres. if just two are worn we will want to match the existing tyres. Check with your manufacturer the special requirements for your own car and we can advise.

What do you knock off for scuffed wheels?

£100 for diamond cut alloys and £80 for painted wheels; these are the average cost prices across the country. Suppose you feel you can get them done for less and within the time period; that’s your choice. It is much better to tell us in the first place than the chances are we will negotiate the preparation costs to your advantage within the quoted price.

What do you knock off for paintwork?

If any panel on the car requires painting, then we quote trade cost prices. Generally, it’s around £300 per panel on standard paint, but as with alloys, the more you tell us in advance, the better we will allow for in the original quote.

My Cars Missed a Service?

Don’t worry just tell us why and how much by and we can advice

How do I get my road tax refunded?

When we collect the car we will process your road tax refund online which also informs the DVLA of its sale to us

Why is webuyanycars quote higher?

Occasionally webuyanycars computer gets it wrong in your favour. It’s as simple as that. On the odd occasions when they realise they have messed up and then you’ll find that they’ll either fight hard to lower the price or sometimes renege altogether. You might get lucky, though, so Sera Sera, we say on those occasions we can’t win them all.

Who’s buying my car?

We operate a transparent policy regarding how we achieve the values for your car. We differ from car buying companies such as a motorway because we don’t pass you over to a third party. So we pay you ourselves, we arrange collection and inspection, and we deal with getting your finance cleared. In that way, there can be no confusion about what has been said during negotiations. Were with you from beginning to end.

Any more questions see more FAQ here or WhatsApp 9 am to 7 pm 7 days a week.