Spotlight On Auto Vivendi Supercar Club

The Supercar Love Affair.

The experience of buying a supercar is often compared to a love affair,they’ll certainly be up’s and downs, smiles and tears and just occasionally it can end in disaster.

We’ve all been there; there you are seemingly perfectly happy with your life, then one day its hits you, bam! You’ve just seen the object of your desire and now you can think of nothing else.

Those curves, wow, its love at first sight or sometimes its more of a slow burn and desire builds over time, but either way, you know what you must do. So you make a plan on how you’re going to get together.

So you take a leap of faith allow your heart to rule your mind and go and buy your very first supercar.

But often the reality of purchasing and owning your first supercar can be a letdown, and In truth, it’s a huge commitment.

How do you choose? Do you tick the Italian stallion box and get yourself a bright red Ferrari? or do the dramatic gullwing doors of Lamborghini’s and Mclarens feel more like a true supercar statement you.

What if you’ve chosen poorly and can’t get on with your new purchase and wish you’d have chosen another route, or perhaps the concern over depreciation and running costs are spoiling the experience for you,

Maybe you already own a good prestige or supercar but have always fancied a fling with that other car you could have bought but without the commitment?

Well, there is another route to supercar ownership that might make more sense to you.

Another Way

There is a way of enjoying supercar ownership where you don’t have to choose what you drive for the next two or three years but get to choose from a wide selection of supercars as and when it suits you. Like having your very own supercar collection at your disposal without having to own a car at all.

Let’s face it most supercar owners only use their cars on bright sunny weekend days or to join in with some car and coffee type events. Some are happy to do nothing other than laps of Harrods.

So here’s the first of our spotlight features on supercar owners clubs.  In the next few weeks well be talking to members, gathering their experiences and compiling our top 10 list of the worlds best supercar members clubs.

This weeks spotlight falls on Auto Vivendi.

Auto Vivendi operates the world’s largest private member’s supercar club In return for an annual membership fee, members receive use of a collection of the world’s best supercars, as well as a host of other membership benefits, including a full lifestyle concierge service, a vast array of member-only events and a multitude of social and business networking opportunities, to name but a few.

The Club consists of members from all over the world who share several common objectives – to have access to a collection of the world’s best supercars, to have fun living a supercar lifestyle and to meet other successful and interesting people.


There are many benefits to being a member of the Club, whether they be financial, social or lifestyle-related.

They guarantee unrestricted and unlimited access to a collection of the world’s best supercars. They guarantee to always have a selection of new supercars for members to use, even on the busiest summer weekends. The cars are only used around 25-40% on average, meaning they have great availability all year round.

Being the biggest club comes with the advantage of buying power that enables them to buy an example of almost every new supercar as and when they’re launched. Meaning you will have access to at least 20-30 different supercars every year. Including some of the most sought-after limited edition supercars which few people find themselves ever in a position to own.


They deliver cars all over the UK and Europe, making it easy and convenient to have supercars at your disposal wherever you are. Plus it’s pretty cool when your transporter arrives at your home, office or a beautiful hotel with a brand new supercar ready for you to enjoy.


The Club has a vibrant social scene with many friendships and business ventures formed along the way. If you simply want access to cars, that’s fine. However, if you enjoy mingling with other fun and successful people, the Club has a thriving social scene and really does provide a sense of belonging. Its likened to having a ready-made set of university friends who all like doing the same cool things. No more missing out on the finer things in life because you don’t have anyone to do it with, or if you do, you end up paying for all your mates too!

As a member of the Club, you will be invited to many complementary events, including new car launches, exclusive manufacturer drive days and factory tours These events are free to members (and your guests when possible).

If you’re thininking of buying your own supercar then being a member of the club provides the opportunity to try before you buy. After all, you don’t want to marry the wrong supermodel and members rarely buy the same car as they intended after being a member of the Club for a year.


Auto Vivendi organises a mouth-watering array of events which are available to both members of the Club and non-members alike.

From flying to the world’s top motor shows by private jet, to driving supercars to over 200mph along runways, to navigating the corners of the world’s best private race circuits on one of their track days.

Maybe you just like enjoying life to the full, and if you love travel then their bespoke driving tours or Clubhouse parties will be for you

They organise and host a vast array of adrenalin and action-packed events each year, many of which are still being talked about by participants years down the line!  The event attendees are typically social, successful and well-travelled individuals and groups and the reports back from members are that the events are some of the best things they have ever done.

If you like living life to the full, you will wont want to miss the opertinuity of attending a supercar event.

How Does Membership Work?


If you’re interested in learning more about Auto Vivendi click here.