The Secret To Getting a Good Deal From WeBuyAnyCar
The whistle blowers guide to

In this guide we show you the secret behind’s computer valuation and how to beat it.


In our guide you’ll find the Top 5 Tips To Make Sure You’re Getting The Best Price For Your Car
  1. How to identify your cars desirability in the marketplace
  2. When it’s right to sell to
  3. Preparing your car for sale
  4. Understanding the small print.
  5. How to beat the computer offer.


The Reason We Wrote This Guide.

What we discovered about was that on certain types of cars, their valuation was hard to beat.


You may ask, why would we, a competitor, write a positive review of

Writing this guide solved a problem for us. Simply put, it gave us a way to explain to our customers why we’re not always the best people to buy your car.


Our Values

We value our relationships with customers, so we’d rather be honest and state from the start that we are shameless cherry pickers of cars. Which means we only want premium brands.

So whilst ( that’s us)  will always pay the most for the best examples of prestige cars, we may not be the best buyers of every car.

Why this is, will hopefully become crystal clear as you read the guide.

Do read it carefully though because once we advise you to accept their offer,there are a still few hurdles to jump over, as you’ll see.


Who Are

You can read the full history of here…


How Do Value Your Car?

Well THEY don’t, a computer with an algorithm programed in does that. You stick in your reg number and mileage and out pops the value, simple.

Brilliant you shout, so easy, not like these We Buy Supercars guys ( that’s us by the way) who take all day, asking for details and photos as if I’ve got time for that.


So how does their computer know what every single car is worth?

The simple answer is, it doesn’t. You see the prestige car market has far too many variable to be able to get an accurate value without a human being involved.  So what they use a formula based on average auction returns and trade guide values. This guarantees that overall they will make a profit each time they auction a batch of cars.

Here’s an example that highlights what we mean.

Take 3 Cars.

Read this part carefully, this is where you can win or lose.

Car number 1 in the example above, in our honest opinion, is a bit of a rubbish boring spec for an RS6. Sorry but that’s the truth.

As a standard car it’s going have to be priced towards the bottom end of the market to sell easily.

If you owned Car No.1, then we feel, they have just offered you maybe £600-£1000 more than its worth in the current market.

Our response would be to try and explain why and then tell you well done, take their offer, please try us next time.

On the other hand if you owned either of the other two cars in our example, then we’d be pretty confident we could pay, maybe another £4-5000 or more,at the time of writing.

As you can see there are winners and losers, so do your homework before accepting their offer, to make sure you are on the winning side of that computers valuation. 

What Happens To My Car?

Your car is headed to a dealers forecourt. That’s true no matter which car buying service buy it.

Their route is via the auction. Ours is more direct in that we use our established relationships with retail dealership sales managers and group buyers.

In case you’re now thinking, “hang on, obviously I’ll just sell it a dealer or send it to auction myself,” then we welcome you to try and let us know how you get on.

Let’s just say that YOU dealing with retailers, is a bit like walking into Tesco to try and sell them a single can of beans.


The Appointment., appraisal  sites can be in some surprising locations, this ones located in the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate For Example.


Having been advised by us, to maybe take the offer on the table, what happens next is your chance to make sure you come away with what you’ve been offered online.

The process is simple enough, you pick a site to take your car to and make an appointment.

BUT, (note the use of capitals here) before you make that appointment it really pays to go back into your cars valuation on the, website. 


The Hidden Screen

You need to look carefully for this. On the screen that shows your car’s value, you see where it says  “These Are The Assumptions We Have Made”?


Notice that little Plus sign? Well, it takes you to another entire page. That page has lots of questions they didn’t ask before they gave the value.


Why would they do that you say?, well if you’ve ever flown with Ryan Air then you’ll understand the format better.

You forgot to add the baggage didn’t you!

On this screen there’s a lot of options to add damage, bald tyres, missing keys, missing handbooks etc.

If you’re asking why this isn’t more prominent, then you’ve not really understood their game yet.



Preparing Your Car For The Handover.

At this point, they are going to know that their computer has legged them up.

Remember when you made the appointment? well that is the first time a human at, knows that you’re selling them your car.

At this point, they are going to know, in this example, that their computer has legged them up.

so the staff are going to be pretty keen to find a reason to reduce that automated offer.

So expect a through inspection.

We’re sure you’ve read the reviews about them paying less when you turn up with your car?

Well that extra screen above, is there, so that they can say ‘we told you so’.

You’ve now got a choice.

If you fail to prepare then prepare for failure

You need to get your car ready to hand it over.

The choices are;-

1.Give an honest appraisal of your car.

Add everything that it’s asking, the chips, scrapes, scuff’s etc add them to your quote. Now refresh your value and see how much it’s dropped. Taking the cost of putting your car right, into account, is it still a good offer?

2.Prepare your car.

Get chips away guy out, claim for a new screen on your insurance, get the wheel’s refurbished. In other words you make sure that when you take your car to them there’s nothing they can do to adjust the price.

3.Do nothing and take your chances

This is the option that’s like turning up at the gate at Ryan Air and hoping they don’t charge you for that slightly too big cabin bag. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. But when they do, it’s likely to cost a fair bit more than you imagined.



Different Experiences explained

But my friend’s car had chips and scrapes and they didn’t say a thing to him.

Take the owner of that Nardo Grey car in our example. The one with the panoramic roof and all those lovely factory options.

Well he probably took at least £4000 too little. So they are hardly going to risk him taking offence and not selling it to them over a few stone chips.

Make sure you’re the one celebrating selling your car to webuyanycar.

Warning signs that he’s messed up are when the staff have a bottle of champagne on ice when he arrived.


Getting Paid

There’s also fees to pay.

In  this example the standard fee would be £75.

That’s assuming you’re happy to wait a week to get paid?

They charge extra if you’d like paying within a day.

You might feel thats its a bit of a risk leaving your car with the buyer without getting paid.

And you’d be right in general, however we ‘think’ your money’s pretty safe with They did after all pay one of their executives a £29m bonus this year.

However we’re not sure what would happen if your car burst into flames or developed a fault whilst you were waiting for your money.

We’ve asked the question ourselves and are still waiting for an answer. We’ll update the post when we get one. 

In Summary

We hope we’ve explained clearly enough how work, at least to help you understand why we sometimes send our customers there.

 We’ve shown that you can on occasion get the right deal for you with The secrets simply knowing when.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below so that we can write better articles.

If you’ve got a car to sell and want to know more about how we work and get our valuation then click here.