The New £100k Land Rover Defender 110 X

Heres the new Land Rover Defender, and you can build and order yours here today.


The styling is definitely going to divide opinion but what will immediately strike you, upon visiting Land Rovers configurator, is the quite frankly unbelievable amount of options and customisations available from the get-go.

No longer do you only have to choose a wheelbase and decide whether or not you can live without air-con, this new model promises to have something for everyone.

There’s going to be a short-wheelbase version but at the moment only the 110, the long wheelbase, 5 door, is live and ready to build.

Were not going to write a long breakdown of each model and debate about whether or not the farmers will buy it, well leave that to 4×4 monthly.

What we’ve decided to do is skip all that and jump straight onto what for us is the star of the show, the 400 bhp Defender 110X

This is the car that’s going after the Mercedes G63 Customers and people who buy modified versions of the old Defender from customizers Project Kahn who market it as Chelsea Truck, and Overfinch who offer a more traditional but no less expensive customisation.


Heres the Headline Figures

The Engine

P400 MHEV Is a Turbocharged Inline 6 cylinder 4 Value per Cylinder unit with an automatic gearbox

The Power

Maximum power 400 / 5,500
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm) 550 / 2,000-5,000

The Performance

0-60 in 6.1 seconds and 129mph (With the right wheels)

So a Mercedes G63 is much faster, but this is a Defender, there’s never been a Defender this fast or as capable both on and off-road, and that’s a game-changer, which takes the Defender to a whole new market.

Think Paris Dakar meets Chelsea Truck and you’re about there.

The Modifiers.

With the last Defender, even the run-out tribute models, full leather and heated seats were about your lot in terms of concessions to comfort.

This is where the modifiers took over.

Khan, Overfinch, SMC, Twisted, Urban to name but a few, would take your Defender and make it better.

Better that is for the one thing it was simply rubbish at, driving on the road…

Let’s face it Land Rover’s Defender never had any real concessions for driving on the road, and even though some of the previously mentioned tuners do an admirable job of making it livable with, even they have their work cut out.

The new Defender seems to have that sorted and whilst the “lets go of roading” and traditionalists will be crying that it’s gone all soft, most people will appreciate the new Defenders ability.


New Land Rover Defender Pricing And Ordering

We’ve had a bit of fun building our Defender X online at Land Rover and we managed to get it to just over £100k by literally ticking every single box on the options and accessories list.

Yep that sounds crazy doesn’t it, but a quick search online quickly reveals, A Kahn Chelsea Truck for £20lk more than that.

The Competition

We think with this 400bhp X Version. Land Rover is going after the Mercedes G63 AMG customer base.

That car is basically £150k and that’s before you add any options.

Making this new Defender even fully loaded with every option box ticked a relative bargain, we say.

If Land Rover cant export these then we’d eat our hat.


New Land Rover Defender Off-Road.

New Land Rover Defender Off Road Capabilities
New Land Rover Defender Off-Road Capabilities, does it live up to expectations?

If you’re wondering about is it safe to mount that kerb or go through a flood, then here are the basics

Our Build

We liked the look of the Explorer pack the best, there’s a choice of Urban Packs, Country Pack and Adventure Pack, But this one we feel prepares you best for navigating around Park Lane.

Blaze your own trail, whatever the terrain. Explorer Pack equips Defender to defy conventions and conquer the most uncharted landscapes.


Obviously we went for these 22″ black Alloys because as we all know…bigger is better 😉
We chose this traditional tan leather interior as a nod to tradition

Heres the full spec

Check out the one we build here and see if think you can do better.
If you share a screenshot of it to our Facebook page, we’ll publish the best builds on our facebook posts and the one that gets the most likes well send you something from the Land Drover Defender Boutique.




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