The New 2020 Audi RS Avant Vorsprung Review

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With an all-new suspension, 4 wheel steering, and more tech than ever before the new Audi RS6 promises to be an icon in the making.

The new 4th generation Audi RS6 Avant has big boots to fill, and almost uniquely for a performance car this capable also has a massive boot you can fill.

The outgoing model is such a good car that it’s quickly taken over from its smaller brother, the RS4 Avant, as the “RS to have”,  something you couldn’t have said about the older V10 car.

To me that V10 RS6 always felt like the RS for the Family man whose family had already grown up and left home, pitted against the Audi RS4 it was simply less fun to own.

The RS4 also had the better pedigree and more interesting lineage harking back to the Porsche co-developed RS2 Avant of the ’90s, which is what really kicked off this whole RS or Rennsport thing anyway.

But by the time Audi released third-generation RS6 the RS4 was losing its V8, and instead of appearing as a limited production run and a final hurrah of a outgoing models history,it had simply become another A4 model introduced almost from the beginning of the facelift and to me somehow lost its way a little, and so the title of most wanted “RS” was passed to the RS6.

What’s New With The 2020 Audi RS6

New Model Audi RS6 Deals

So What’s The New Model Got To Offer?

Simply more of all the stuff that made the last generation so good, the winning formula of a practical car with outstanding performance, great handling and simply a joy to live with.

This is a car that you could drop the kids off at school in, and then switch on the sports exhaust on the way home and remind yourself what sort of car you could buy if only you didn’t have to drop kids off at school.

The new car while clearly recognisable as an A6 Avant, in fact only shares the roof, doors and tailgate with the standard car. It steals the lower and narrower headlights from the A7 coupe, not just to make it stand out from the rest of the range, but to allow room for bigger air intakes to feed the engine.

Extended wheel arches cover 21-inch or optional 22in wheels and tyres and the biggest brakes imaginable (actually 10-piston front callipers with ceramic composite rotors)

The New Driving Experience.

New Model Audi RS6 Deals

If there could be any criticism of the outgoing car, it would be that perhaps it could have had a bit sharper handling, not that it was in any way inferior, but you are always aware of the weight of it as you push hard into a corner.

To Counter, this Audi has changed everything.

The iconic Quattro system now utilises a Torsen gear-driven centre differential in combination with Audi’s Sport rear axel, which allows the car to send about 15 % more drive to the rear than the actual road speed. That extra driver speed is distributed to the rear wheels through a twin oil-bath clutch to actively drive the outer wheel through a turn.

On top of this is a new variable steering rack, and rear wheels steering, which activity points the rear wheels in the same direction as the fronts in high-speed corners and the opposite direction at low speeds. And 48-volt system supports the use of an active anti-roll bar system, which props up the car up in cornering.

The Vorsprung cars go even further and remove the Air Suspension and replace it with steel-sprung RS sport suspension plus with Dynamic Ride Control. You can pay extra for this on the other models.

This DRC system uses dampers linked hydraulically on the diagonally to reduce body roll, brake dive and accelerator squat and gives the car an unbelievably flat corning stance, especially in what is still in effect a family estate car.

Like the outgoing car though the dynamic setting is probably too stiff for most UK roads, so unless you do a lot of continental driving or fancy the odd track day, then most of the time you’ll drive it on the less stiff normal, or comfort mode.


If you compare the new car against the later performance pack editions, then you’ll not notice much difference.

Power is a little down on paper with 592bhp and 590lb ft of torque but gives a slightly quicker, a 0-62mph time of 3.6 seconds.

Top speed is restricted to 155 mph unless you take the Vorspring which gets permission to go to 175mph.

The eight-speed auto shifts faster, not quite as quickly as some dual-clutch setups but you’ll never feel like you’re waiting, and some testers think the power steering is a bit light, but we’re nitpicking.

The RS6’s performance is stunning, although only the Vorsprung has its 155mph top speed limiter unlocked to give the full-fat 174mph


Well, it’s a vast Audi estate which has the same load space as any ordinary Audi A6 Avant, which makes it al the more comfortable to justify to a doubtful partner.

What do the Journalists think?

Car Magazine

described the new and older RS6 being like “night and day” , they said “no longer a one dimensional, stick-until-it-doesn’t sort of experience.  This is much more interactive at the limit without blasting into howling understeer, and much more exciting as a result. Yet it’s just as good at being an A6 Avant when you need it to,

The Telegraph

Andrew English from The Telegraph reports “An extraordinary engine which picks up, seemingly from barely tickover, and fires you at the horizon with a guttural exhaust roar (and a slurp from the fuel pumps), this is the most extraordinary estate you could ever conceive”..


Our Verdict: 2020 Audi RS6 Avant Vorsprung.

Should you buy one? Of course, you should, what else beats this for an all-round family car that can give most sports cars a run for their money.

It makes it the perfect European cross-continent rocket for a little trip to the Alps a family vacation, a track day with pals and the weekend trip to Ikea.

So stop worrying about justifying it to the other half and get one bought!

We’ve had six stock cars allocated to us by a couple of our useful Audi contacts, and you’ll be pleased to know that despite rumours that through us at least, they’ll be no premiums to pay and we can point you in the right direction for the best payment terms. Well even write “Audi Estate Car” on the invoice if that helps.


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