Updated Britains Top 10 Most Stolen Cars Revealed.

According to figures from stolen vehicle recovery service, TRACKER, these are the most stolen cars in the UK

  1. BMW X5
  2. Mercedes-Benz C-class
  3. BMW 3 Series
  4. Mercedes-Benz E-class
  5. BMW 5 Series
  6. Range Rover Vogue
  7. Land Rover Discovery
  8. Range Rover Sport
  9. Mercedes S Class
  10. Mercedes GLE


If you’re looking to sell yours privately, then you need to be extra vigilant as most of these cant be stolen unless someone in possession of the keys or can they?

When you advertise your car privately, it gives potential car thieves a golden opportunity to be invited into your house and your vehicle and shown all the paperwork and keys.

But in recent years, thieves have become more adept at accessing cars by hacking keyless entry systems.

With thieves using technology to overcome even the most robust security systems, many are left confused as to how they can protect their car.


88% Of Cars Stolen Without the Keys

Modern cars are now routinely fitted with robust security systems as standard so you could be forgiven for thinking your cars pretty safe from being stolen, so long as you’ve got the keys.

But according to Tracker ( the industry leader in Vehicle security GP trackers),  88% of all the cars they recover were stolen without the thieves having possession of the keys.

Theives have had to become smart, gone are the days when you could unlock a Ford with a cut in half tennis ball ( pneumatic locks you see)

Today’s thieves have had to adopt radio frequency booters and laptops to steal the signal from your keys, even when they are in a drawer in your home and then relay that signal to your cars ECU to unlock it and start it.


If we have any of these correct, then you’re putting yourself at the risk of having your car stolen by modern thieves.

While this might sound like a specialist method only used by gangs stealing high-end cars to order, an investigation by the Mail on Sunday earlier this year found that anyone can buy the relay devices on Amazon and eBay for £257.

Where Is It Safe To Leave Your Car Keys?

To be safe from having your key’s signal hacked what you need is to place them in a metal box, and while you can buy a secure key safe or a  Faraday wallet (£4.99 on Amazon), which is designed to shield electronic keys from relay attacks.

One place where they should be safe is next to the milk in the fridge.

Police are also suggesting that you step back in time and use some physical locking devices, such as crook locks and wheel clamps to deter thieves.


Steering wheel lock
and we thought we had seen the back of these


wheel locking system
Who’d have thought we’d have to go back to the future to prevent car theft.


  • Sheild your car keys
  • Fit a visible deterrent
  • Fit a tracker.
  • Be vigilant when meeting potential buyers.


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