We Ordered A Tesla CyberTruck

Well, we did it! after thinking about it for about 5 minutes, we decided to order a Tesla Cybertruck.

Why? Well were not sure, but the £100 deposit certainly helped.

We’ve gone for the Tri-Motor, but we might switch that down to the twin motor by the time we have to configure it.

We’re also hoping it comes in some anodised black colour by the time productions rolling.

Elon Musk did appear to confirm other colours for the Cybertruck on Twitter, but failing that we may have it wrapped.

I mean we like the stainless steel look but have you honestly ever tried to clean watermarks of your stainless appliances?

Maybe it will have some of that special fingerprint-proof coating that we have on our kitchen bin? We’ll see.


Most interesting feature

The strength of the panels is appealing. If you’re like us, we spend half our lives driving around supermarket car parks looking for the one space away from all the inconsiderate arseholes who open their door onto yours because “it’s just a car”, this truck will help.

Biggest Concern?

The repair costs if we bend it, I mean those stainless panels arent going to be cheap are they.

What will we use it for?

It’s going to look good sign written do you think? And because it’s so unique we guess it transcends the typical car brands.

So although it’s still a truck, its also kind of a Supercar, and what’s cooler than running a Supercar as your daily user to go out on the road and, you know view and buy actual Supercars.

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