Mowbray Special Education Schools

We have a personal reason for supporting Mowbray Special School as our own son who has Autism attends there.

As parents of an Autistic child, we understand the stresses that can place on families, not just in their day to day lives but in the huge responsibility of making sure your child gets as much help and support as humanly possible and most importantly an education.

Especially when it comes to helping them learn the necessary life skills that parents of typical children take for granted and making sure they are the best equipt to deal with a world that is often intolerant of people who are deemed “different”.

These special children are going to need the help care and understanding of a very special team of people and a special place in which they can learn and develop these skill’s.

Mowbray School is that special place.

To help Mowbray School achieve its aims it’s going to need to keep expanding. It already covers a catchment area of some 1400 square miles from Stockton Upon Tee’s to Harrogate, clearly, that’s a difficult journey to make every day for a typical child, but for a child with special needs, it must be especially so.

If you’d like to help our fundraising efforts for this incredible place then please see our funding page here.

Mowbrays School Moto or Vision is entitled “SURE” and its explained by the school below.

Our school vision is SURE and underpins all learning and values that parents, pupils and staff share and wish to promote and develop here. SURE stands for ‘Achieving Success through Understanding, Respect and Endeavour’

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