Welcome to webuysupercars the car buying company that won’t buy every car, here’s why?

About Us

Why Did  We Start WeBuySupercars.com

We started WeBuySupercars to provide a service to owners of special cars, a service that had the convenience of We Buy Any Car, but with the personal attention to detail, which we think owners of special cars deserve.

Prestige cars are much more complicated to value than mainstream brands due to the nature of the options list.

We knew that WeBuyAnyCars computer couldn’t see the specification of your car and so if you had a particularly nice car, then you probably were getting a rough deal.

Tradtionaly dealers used published trade guide prices such as CAP Black book or Glasses Guide to value cars, but we find that these are also too limited as that dont differenciate between standard and well specified cars of the same model. So we quickly realised that in our particular market, we wouldn’t be able to automate our site.

So we decided that the only way to do it right was to put the right people behind the computers and therefore when you enter your registration on our site we won’t be able to reply with a value instantly.

We think you’ll understand that with a car like yours its best to take a little longer to make sure we get it right.

It normally takes us anything from an hour to 24 hours to come up with a value we’re happy with, depending on how much information you tell us..

Importantly when we give you that value, it is not an estimate, it is a promise to buy your car for that figure., which we then back that up, by paying you a deposit, before we come to you and collect it.

We’re not big enough to have several branches across the country, so we come to you at home or your work.

Of course, we don’t charge you, as we get paid all our fees by the dealers who we supply with your car.

Payments are always by faster bank transfer, and we pay your finance company in the same way so you are not worrying whether or not your agreements been settled.

We’ll deal with your private number plates, and if your cars got service or cosmetic work to do, then we’ll work with you, rather than make it a problem.

So there you go, the convenience of entering your reg and mileage online but still but a real person working for you to get you the best possible price.

Give us a try; you’re under no obligation to take our offer.

Who are we?

Jasmine Slingsby

Company Owner Director


Jasmine has had a keen interest in cars most of her life, and she’s worked as PA for some of Europe’s heads of industry, Fashion designers the rich and famous, which constantly put her in the forefront of organizing car purchases and disposals for her clients.

Through her experience in this position she built up an extensive portfolio of car industry professionals who are right at the top of their game and she uses her experience to match the right buyer to your car, she know’s who’ll pay the most, which dealer in which part of the country does well with let’s say red cars and who doesn’t.

Phil Corker

Head of Valuation

Phil’s been in the Motor Trade for over 30 years, he started off valeting cars before spending a few years on the showroom floor and has held Business and General Sales Manager position with VAG Group, after a brief hiatus to help his partner run a wedding business, he’s come to webuysupercars and leads our online presence and deals with many of your inquiries, collecting the correct information to get you the best value.

Phil also speaks to hundreds of dealers every week and he can measure the demand for your car around the country to make sure we are getting you the right price, he also writes our car Industry news blogs which often contain inside knowledge he managed to discover. When he’s not sat in front of a computer screen you’ll find him collecting our more special cars as his experience in vehicle appraisals is second to none.

For fun, he enjoys cycling especially in France or Italy and spending time with his two young children.


Alexandra Hasko.

Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Alexandra looks after our corporate responsibility, keeps us GDPR compliant and deals with day to day running of the back office.

Her past was head of Product development for RF Brooks and helped  Marks And Spencer and others with their food line.

She has a passion for cooking and enjoys the countryside around Wales.

Any questions relating to data held please email her on [email protected].com